Friday, July 22, 2016

RSC16 week 30


Because it has been too hot to do anything outside this week  I have had plenty of time for sewing. Then why haven't I got very much done?  I think the heat has been making me sleepy and I'm taking naps all the time.  That and the usual life stuff getting in the way.

I am happy to report both Modern HST Sampler finishes for July, done in happy watermelon colors. Last week I asked for your  advice on background colors, either black or light pink floral to relieve too much white in the Turnstile block.  Most of you preferred the black as being more modern, but it wasn't quite right.  A couple of you suggested purple (why not? ).  Good advice and this is the result.

Thanks to all of you who helped me to decide.

During the week there were too many online sales and I gave in to some, blame it on the heat again.  
My stock of solids and batiks has now nicely filled out and my charge card balance as well.  If a quilter has to have fabric  there is NOTHING that can stop us, right?

Today I'm proud to say that I finished the Introspection block after only three major rippings.  I even took my photos before I realized some of the HSTs were going the wrong way.  I fixed that, took more photos and twice found some of the chevrons aimed wrong.  Alter much grinding of teeth and backbreaking labor, here is the final product.

Another gorgeous William Morris Jewels was so perfect for the rosy print HSTs that I also added it to the center square.  Thanks, Barbara Brackman, for your talented repro designs.

This long final week of July will give me time to do an improv block and bind the two Pinwheel quilts.  I hope you all find time for doing quilting and having fun.

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  1. good to read yo have had a good spend!as if any of us need more fabric. Introspection block looking good, liking the use of 3 rather than 2 fabrics. dare I admit that is the only thing I have sewn for a week, seem to have lost the will to stitch

  2. too too hot! Here too. I feel guilty not being out in summer but it's debilitating

  3. Napping is a noble pass time for those of us not immune to the heat. I was sorely tempted to nap this week, too!

  4. Hot here, too!
    I've found that there are blocks that just insist on going wrong, over and over and over again. Good for you for overcoming that one!

  5. It's not a nap, it's a siesta! Sounds more legitimate that way. :) Nice choice of purple for your block.

  6. Both of your blocks turned out great! I have had that happen more than once - not realize I made a mistake until I looked at the photo I took! Maybe that's why it's a good idea to take the photos!

  7. Oh, yes...the dark purple is just right. Introspection turned out just gorgeous. And, it's hot here too....inside and out since we don't have a/c!

  8. Your block looks great. I made very simple blocks this week and many of those needed major surgery. I think star points just like to jump around when we aren't looking.

  9. Too hot for me outside... so I stay inside in the AC. At least you get to fondle some new fabric when it arrives! Love the purple in your block and those lime greens really make the second one pop. Well worth the effort to fix (I'm tempted and sometimes just leave the mistake and call it a new block !)