Friday, January 29, 2016

RSC16 week 5


This week has been productive in several projects.  The first is another of my quilts started long ago, now needing to be finished.  In this cold weather I have wanted an everyday quilt to use just as a throw.  Since 1980 I've been carrying around an unfinished quilt. 

When we moved from Sopkane, WA to Seattle, 300 miles away, I wanted an autograph quilt to take along.  My small quilting group made most of the blocks, using memory fabrics, including pieces from my first quilt made the year before.  I hand quilted it, but the border did not work out.  

This size was just right for my needs, so I trimmed off all the excess batting and bound it by rolling over the backing and zigzagging it on the front.  Nothing fancy, but full of memories of wonderful friends and family.  As you can see, it has RSC blue fabrics included, and it is nice and warm.

In addition to my RSC block done in week 3, I have finished the first two blocks for the Modern HST Sampler with Alyce at Blossom Star Quilts.

The first was the Candy block and the second Alyce calls Ninja, but I prefer Friendship Star.  I'm trying to use the blue and purple scheme, but choosing more modern fabrics.

Yesterday I was thrilled to receive my batik order from Hancock's of Paducah.  It looks great with the sizzling strips, so I have to find some backing, maybe more of the batik, because I bought two yards.  However , it is too lovely to be used as a backing, I think.  Probably I'll do a dark blue binding.  This photo shows the pieced squares laid on the batik, which was on sale, of course.

Looking forward to RSC16 new colors for February.  Do check it out at soscrappy.

Friday, January 22, 2016

RSC16 week 4


In the box of scraps, which my daughter gave me two weeks ago, I found more interesting scraps from the past.  

I've already shown you the Strips that Sizzle blocks, which I finished piecing together. I'm setting it on point and was trying out some background samples. 

I think the earth tones set off the blues and brights nicely and also tie in with the Southwest idea.  Since I don't have enough fabric for a single piece, I shopped online (for a project, not just for fun). At Hancock's of Paducah I found a nice batik on sale, from among their HUGE inventory.  Hoping it will work.  If it is too bright, I could tea die it.

The major content of the box was a sheet design wall from the 1990's, which was my attempt to portray the Red Rock country near Sedona, AZ.  It became too large and lost focus, so I ripped up the sections like the one below.

The labeled strip beside it was from the hem of a JC Penney rosy sheet.  You can see the same fabric near the top and at the bottom of the cliff.

Coincidentally, my granddaughter Sarah has been working on a sewing project for a dramatic skit.  She had to make a bridesmaid dress for herself, with Beth's expert help.  (Beth won a sewing contest at age 14 and made many bridal party dresses, including her own in 1994).  Sarah then had to teach her two friends how to sew their own dresses. So the sewing skills are being passed along.

I was so surprised and pleased to see this sweet photo of Sarah in her dress.

Does the fabric look familiar?  Yes, the three dresses were made out of my two old rosy sheets which came out of the same box.  Coincidence?  Who knows?  I have no recollection, but the proof is in the fabric.
 On Monday I will receive instructions for the second block of the Modern HST Sampler.  That will add to my blue and purple blocks for RSC16.

I link up with RSC16 at soscrappy and Monday Making at Love, Laugh, Quilt.

Friday, January 15, 2016

RSC16 week 3


It is a sort of scary word because it involves change and the unknown, but without growth there is no life and that is its essence.

My Rainbow Scrap Challenge block was very frustrating this week.  I did not like the plain purple square set on point.  Looking at the work of others, I realized I needed something more graphic as a focal point.  After about five sessions of ripping, replacing and repairing, it finally looked right and decently pieced.

I have also linked up with the Modern HST Sampler by Alyce at Blossom Heart Quilts.  It is as series of 24 lessons making 12-inch blocks increasing in difficulty.  Just what I need to get over my fear of HSTs and tricky piecing.  I've decided to do the blocks in RSC16 colors.  Here's the first one.  This should help me to grow at a gentle pace.

More projects have popped up.  One is the blocks I showed last week, made about 20 years ago.  I was very surprised to receive a nice comment from Joy, saying they were from Margaret Miller's book, Strips That Sizzle.  Then I recalled her prominence as a quilt expert in Seattle when I was quilting there. I must have done them to try her method, which is strong and dramatic.

I found 16 blocks, which look best on point, I think, and will make a nice wall hanging.

There's still another project from the past to work on and I hope to share it next week.

I link up with RSC16 at soscrappy and Monday Making at Love, Laugh, Quilt.  Check out these great Linky parties.

Friday, January 8, 2016

RSC16 week 2


It's so exciting to be working on the Rainbow Scrap Challenge again.  I'm enjoying using the two colors in my block.  

Because my main scrap stash has jelly roll strips, I decided to use 2.5-inch blocks.  The diagonals in white is what I wanted to emphasize like an Irish Chain.  So the block is large, 16 inches finished.  However, I'm trying to include a full range of blue along with a scattering of purple.  For the central part I used some HSTs from my stash, but I'm not satisfied with it yet.

But using up my stash has taken a blow.  My daughter was cleaning her basement and found some old quilt projects I thought were long gone.  So here is the pile of scraps after I unpinned them from an old sheet 'design wall'.

I also found these colorful blocks which I do not remember making at all.  It was over 20 years ago.  Please excuse the poor photo; it was late at night.

So one step forward and two steps back, but I'm having fun and that's what counts, along with not buying any more fabric this year, one whole week.  Hope I can keep it up.  I made a list of all my projects as a reminder not to get too overloaded.

I link up with RSC16 at and Monday Making at Love, Laugh, Quilt.  Do check out what others are doing there.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Monday Making, January 4


With two finishes, the completed table runner and the balloon flimsy, I'm on a roll in my 'studio'.  It's half of my bedroom.  The closet doors were removed and shelves are stuffed with batting, mystery boxes, antique quilts, etc. My kind SIL rigged up hanging for two of my Little Men pieces and a doll quilt from the thirties.


This nice display cheers me and keeps the dust off the quilts.  A good beginning.

I also started the first color for RSC16, work very much in progress.  My Wifi connection went out yesterday, so no blogging but more stitching time till my arms ached.  Once again my tech team of SIL and granddaughter came to my rescue, so this is my late night blog.  Hopefully I will have the blue block project done by Friday for my next blog.  

Best wishes,to all of you as you start on new things!  I link up with RSC16 at and Monday Making at Love, Laugh, Quilt.