Monday, August 10, 2015

Sew Cute Tuesday, Eat Healthy

At our Monona Quilters meeting last week I picked up a pile of similar pieces from the giveaway table.  When I got home I realized that they were all WOF and had an idea for an easy strip quilt. So I laid out the strips at half width to try them out and just look at some of the assorted produce!


I think that strips of the gold fabric will set them off nicely.  My friend and I were wondering who would want such a fruit and vegetable quilt.   Just then a delivery man came to the door and said he sure would like it!  No accounting for taste, so I will put this together when I am able to find the right gold fabric.

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  1. what a good idea to take fabric you do not want and exchange for more a give away table certainly appeals to me

  2. What fun fabrics!! I remember some of them from way back when.