Friday, March 24, 2017

RSC17 week 12


The main thing occupying my time and thoughts for a few days was an overnight hospital procedure.  It went better than expected and I'm glad to be home.  But I've been tired as a result so very little stitching was done.  

However, I received an unexpected and truly generous surprise.  For Cynthia's Orphan Block event I offered 18 of my HST blocks from Blossom Heart Quilts excellent tutorials. They will be going to some generous person tomorrow.  I got a lot of good experience at doing the blocks, but I'm not up to turning them into one or two quilts.  I did not realize Cynthia had a drawing for the participants until she sent me an email.  Not only had I won the drawing, but she gave me extra fabric for my Kaffe Fassett quilt project.

The prize included the latest issues of Quilty and 100 Blocks, along with two mini charm packs, perfect  for Project Linus projects.  Cynthia has a project published in both magazines.

She very generously sent me large pieces of three gorgeous fabrics of my color choice.  These will be a real help to round out the pieces for my 30 blocks (none were made this week).  

The one bit of RSC17 sewing I got done at the last minute was my pair of red 6-inch houses.  They are such fun to make.

So here I am glad this week is over, feeling fine and looking forward to April and some flowers, any flowers, PLEASE.  

I'm wishing the blessing of spring flowers for all of you this week. 

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Friday, March 17, 2017

RSC17 week 11


It sounds crazy to say that and it's really about the values of red compared to other colors.  I wanted to do another Folded Box block for March to go with the others.

See the strong contrast here that gives it a 3-D effect?  You can do that with lots of colors, but not with red.  On this color chart sample you see instantly that all the other colors have a range from light to dark, but look at red.  Blah, nada, only ONE value.  

So I can't make a Folded Box this month.  I will have to substitute the pink one I made last year as a sample, which turned out very well.  That's the end of my rant about red.
  I did make two red Geese Migration blocks, one using more rosy red to get some variety.


I'm making great progress on these blocks, have18 out of 30 finished.  Some folks said they would like to see more of them at once, so here is a selection.  The blocks are super simple with only five seams in the 12.5 inch block.  Most blocks have red/orange/lavender to join up for sashing and the outer ones will have a gorgeous red print for the entire border.


I love these Kaffe Fassett fabrics and can't wait to use it on my own bed.  Perhaps it will be so bright I won't be able to get to sleep!  

Happy Quilt Appreciation Day to all of you.  I hope we all are able to enjoy spring very soon.  We have lots of birds, but no flowers yet.  

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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Orphan Adoption Event

In 2016 I participated in the Modern HST Sampler for nine months, producing 18 blocks, each 12.5 inches unfinished.  That was as far as I was able to go due to family events.  They were done following the Rainbow Scrap Challenge two colors a month, so the colors are varied, but can be grouped into smaller units.

These are typical blocks of the group.  

I would like to offer them to anyone in the US who wants them, to make for charity or not, your choice.  
With this large size and some sashing one or two quilts can be made easily, and if you have a longarm it could be an easy project.

I live in Madison  WI area and will split the shipping costs for anyone in the US.  The winner will be chosen by random number drawing.  I will keep this open until Saturday, March 25. The drawing will be held on Sunday, March 26 and shipped after we agree on these points.  

If you are a no reply blogger, please put your email address in your comment.

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Friday, March 10, 2017

RSC17 week 10


This week I got so excited when I read a post from Nell about some improv houses made the stack-and-whack  way.  She directed me to The Stash Bee, June Hive 9 tutorial.  Starting with four different 10-in squares, the cutting is done freehand.  In no time I had made a set of four wonky houses, which I love, love, love. 

Last night I made another set in reds for March RSC.

They finish at 8.5 inches square, which is a size I've used for 16-patch and improv blocks last year.  I plan on combining them with some blocks like that.  These don't replace my 6.5-inch houses to go with my little boats.  Why do these projects keep mutiplying so fast?  

I also made my March crayon strip.  I'm including some rosy colors as well, not really pink.

On Monday I took my Farm Boy quilt to show at Monona Quilters.  Everyone liked the double-sided Project Linus quilt, especially here in Wisconsin with so many children living on or acquainted with farms.  

I also volunteered to make a neonatal flannel blanket that is already precut.  

My stack of Kaffe Fassett blocks for my Summer quilt is now up to 14 of the 30 needed.  This is the one I made this morning after pondering the choices overnight.  I love the roses, but the companion fabrics were harder to decide on.  When you get it right, it just sings to you.

Meanwhile I am in charge of our senior complex second Show and Tell Quilt Event.  Folks bring their family quilts and tell us the stories about them.  The one three years ago was a big success and the population here has changed, so there will be other quilts and stories.  My goal is to make people aware of the treasures they have and be able to pass them along to their families.

I hope each of you is able to make someone aware of our quilt gems this month.

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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Sew Some Love, 3/8


This is a donation to Project Linus through my local quilt guild, Monona Quilters in WI.  I've been donating to Project Linus for three years. The guild has two charity collections a year, donating to many local charities such as the VA hospital, half way houses, NICU units at the UW Madison Childerns Hospital and others. They collected about 300 quilts last year from about 40-50 members.

This is the front, using a charm pack, Apple Hill Farm from RJR fabrics, plus jelly roll strips.  It is about 43 inches square.

The back is farm scene yardage from my stash, plus some jelly roll strips .

This is also going to the UW Madison hospital and will surely delight some child living in this farm country, who loves tractors and farm animals.  

I'm happy to be sharing this with Sew Some Love at 
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Friday, March 3, 2017

RSC17 week 9


This week has been a mishmash of different projects.  I officially finished my teal blocks, so I decided to work on some bigger projects.  

I now have 12 of my Kaffe Fasset squares done for my Summer quilt.  One pic did not turn out well, but here are the other two new ones.  And look at the featured colors in them.  RED!  Well, it is an accent color,  but the amount varies in each block.  None of my pics show the true intense colors that KF combines. 

Each one seems to be my favorite for different reasons.  On the first I really was awed by the purple and red large block, along with the intense turquoise.  In the second, I was delighted that the red polka dot strip fit in so well.  

I have also been working on the Ad Hoc Improv Quilts quarterly challenge run by Ann and Kaja.  The first challenge is to use the Chinese coins pattern in an improv way.  Here is what I'm working on, a wall hanging which is only partly finished  but has special meaning for me.  I'm challenging myself to work with the dark colors.   

You can check out the Ad Hoc Improv Quilter at Ann's blog, Fret Not Yourself, or at Sew Slowly with Kaja.

The main thing I've been busy with is quilting my Farm Boy quilt.  Once I switch to my walking foot for that, it is too much trouble with screws and shaking hands to put it on and off.  I'm doing the binding but am not finished, so I will save that for Angela's finishing Linky.

What is RED saying to you?  I've been saving stash for a veteran's quilt and this would be a good month to work on that. 

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