Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Brave Quilter, October 2016


I started this twinkler block for Rainbow Scrap Challenge last January.  It definitely was a challenge for me.  The 60-degree triangles were new to me and every month but one involved ripping and redoing.
The small quilt that has given me the most headaches and frustration this year is finally a completed flimsy.  I am going to hang it on my wall and enjoy it as is.  After all, the goal of making it was to enjoy it, and I LOVE it.  

The border fabric was just there waiting for me, a half yard of sparkling night stars.  It was down in the bottom of a drawer and almost got overlooked.  Thank the Lord, He provided the exact amount I needed for this 4-inch wide border.  This width really balances the rest of the piece, any narrower would have been less effective.

The total size will be about 36" finished.  I'm not even thinking about backing and binding yet.  I am enjoying it daily on my bedroom wall. 
It definitely qualifies for the Brave Quilter this month and I'm very thankful to Julie at
http://www.pinkdoxies.com/   for running the Brave Quilter, which has inspired me to tackle new or difficult projects.

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  1. this has worked so well and worth all the effort you put into it! As you say the border sets it off perfectly, the stars are certainly twinkling

  2. You certainly have a sparkly gem to great you! I agree the border width is just right, and it has created a perfectly themed frame for your block. My favorites are the two toned, and especially the pink and green.

    I'm glad you feel so good about the completion knowing how hard it was to get those blocks made. Our quilts hold a lot of secrets about our work that no one else ever sees, and often we don't share. Learning how to do anything difficult with our work, though, makes us happy in a way that an easy project doesn't. That happy feeling is hard to beat, and I think makes us say to ourselves the next time, "I can do that!"

    I'm so proud of you taking on a project that pushed you, and glad you linked up with #BraveQuilter this month. Thank you.

  3. You have a good right to be proud of it Paula, it's lovely and the border is perfect. You nailed those triangles.

  4. Hi Paula, what a lovely quilt! Sometimes the ones that give us the most grief end up being our favourites. Good for you for not giving up!

  5. Congratulations on your finish you Brave Quilter you! What a lovely thing you have created.