Saturday, April 16, 2016

Build A Barn , April 16

  I recently ordered Julie Sefton's book, Build-A-Barn, from Amazon.  I have been enjoying it very much.  She has wonderful illustrations of her process rather than giving patterns.  It allows you to interpret it as you prefer.

I grew up in Rhode Island and saw very few barns in New England.  I began to notice them when we lived in Spokane, Eastern Washington, in the heart of farming country.  Since moving to Wisconsin in 2007, I've fallen in love with the variety of barns around here.  

Before he passed away last year, my son, Chris, and I used to take rides in the country and he especially loved old weathered barns.  When I learned there were many barn quilts to be seen in the next county, we started seeking them out with an excellent listing of all the Green County barn quilts. We only got to visit a few before winter set in, but here is a photo of one which we took with the owner's permission.

I'm now hoping that I can carry on where Chris and I left off, by interpreting some of the barns and barn quilts I've seen in person or on Pinterest.  Thank you, Julie, for this inspiring book.


  1. I could spend all day on your blog. Beautiful pictures!

  2. Oh, Paula -- I hope you do use your photos, memories, and experiences as inspiration -- what a wonderful basis for building barns. And thank you for sharing your response to the book!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on my Little Medallions. To answer your question -- the inner square consists of 4 HST that have been fussy cut to finish at 2 1/2". I intend to do a tutorial to post on my blog sometime soon about fussy cutting and making medallions. Enjoyed perusing your blog -- there is one county in northern Colorado that has a lot of barn quilts. Our son lives in the area, and it is always fun to spot one! Sally