Friday, July 8, 2016

RSC16 week 28


With the hot weather upon us, using these watermelon colors seems to be keeping me cool, at least in my mind.  The luscious colors are really dripping with cool.  

Each month I seem to be starting off with my sailboats because, truthfully, they are the fastest to make.   This is one where I found the HSTs already made from some other project, so it almost felt like cheating.  On the other hand I don't have a Parts Deptartment full of orphan blocks, like Magpie Sue's.  

I really had a good time making this 16-patch block.  My scrap box of rose, pink and lime is not very full this month, so I dithered around until I came across a bunch of polka dot pink charm squares.  I've never been fond of them, but for this block they made it so playful I could not resist.  I think it's now my favorite 16-patch.

These dots also remind me of watermelon seeds, the little white ones.  I even found some wonky green melons.

This week I also entered the OMG July Monthly goal at Red Letter Quilts, which is to quilt and bind my two Pinwheel Row quilts.  So that is my major undertaking for now.  I'm using my walking foot to do a mix of straight and wavy lines (It's not always clear which is which.)  

For my Twinkler star I found some gorgeous flowers like the full blown rose, so that will be my focal point.  

My wish for all of you dear friends is a fun and satisfying week, whatever that includes.

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  1. some lovely fabrics in your blocks and liking the ones you are using for the twinkler star too best of luck with the quilting

  2. Those polka dot pinks are perfect for this month's blocks! Thanks for reminding me that we could call the very dark pink a rose color. I've been including fabric that is very close to red (to get some dark contrast), but now I can call it rose!

  3. oh so pretty!! I like this combination a lot Paula. It's like candy

  4. Your blocks are just great! I am really liking the hits of lime everyone is incorporating; your wonky melons are just perfect!

  5. Those pink polka dots are perfect! Such a lively block you've made! And I can't wait to see that Twinkler - I'm not even a big fan of pink and I think your colors look gorgeous!

  6. Your walking foot quilting comment gave me a good chuckle and that Twinkler is going to be gorgeous. Good luck on completing your OMG!!

  7. Such fun pink and green blocks! They do remind me water melon now that you mention it. Yummy!

  8. A watermelon boat. What a great idea. Eat the inside and sail in the rind. Thanks for the patchwork feast.

  9. So much like a watermelon - you nailed the colours! The sail boat is so cute... whenever I see those blocks I just want to say "ohhhhhhh"

  10. Love your 16 patch block - such happy fabrics!

  11. I agree about your polka dotted sixteen patch block - it really is wonderful!

  12. Very pretty fabrics in your blocks. I like your "seedy" pink dots in your 15 patch. Very fun.