Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Sew Cute Tuesday February 16


Now would be a good time to visit quilting buddies in Austrailia or New Zealand, I think.  Here in WI we have the same snow we had in December with just a few added inches.   Fortunately we have been spared the bad storms of you folks in the South and East.  A few flowers would do my heart good right now.  I miss my hubby on Valentine's Day.  He loved giving me flowers or a spring plant. 

But I did get something, the satisfaction of some small quilting finishes.  I loved doing the Modern HST Sampler Lantern pattern in brown and pink, the RSC16 colors this month.  I did add a light in the lantern.

The batiks worked very well in this color combination because they blend together quite naturally. 

I have a slight hand tremor, which gets worse under stress, such as rotary cutting, etc. This causes slipping when trying to cut or mark fabrics.  I do have good solutions for my rulers, but the marking is difficult.  I saw a sand board advertised, but all the sites on Google no longer are selling them.  So I found the easiest answer.

I bought a pack of three 9 x 11-inch fine 400 grit sandpaper sheets and they happen to have non slip backing.  So when I firmly set the sheet on my cutting board it stays put, and so does the fabric when I mark it. So simple and cheap!

All in all it has been a productive week, if you measure it in single blocks rather than multiple quilts.  I really ended up learning a lot.

I link up with RSC16 at soscrappy and Sew Cute Tuesday at Blossom Heart Quilts.


  1. block looks good much start mine but the list of things to do is growing daily! Glad the sandpaper is helping with the cutting.