Saturday, June 27, 2015

RSC15 week 26

NEWS FLASH!   Flock of pink flamingos spotted in Wisconsin senior living complex, nibbling on whatever is in the garden.  This is the third year these intrepid fliers have ventured to this very spot.  Some residents are suspicious that pranksters are at work.  However, they do bring lovely color to the garden and seem happy to remain, so no charges will be made at this time.


My balloon blocks are not challenging like the star blocks that Angela has suggested each month.  But this Rainbow Challenge has meant so much to me in other ways, like the discipline of a post deadline each week.  The posting has taught me so much about blogging, with lots of frustration included, but having success with them is great. (Not right now, since I just accidentally deleted the final draft of this post and am redoing it.) 
However, the best thing has been meeting so many wonderful, talented and giving people.  Each one of you has given me something, especially Angela.  So many, many thanks and blessing to all.

Here are my 18 blocks, which I am enjoying so much.  I plan to make at least one Project Linus quilt when finished, and have just come across a fleece blanket a possible backing. What do you think?

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Saturday, June 20, 2015

RSC15 week 25


I'm making progress on my granddaughter's zigzag rainbow quilt.  The aqua/light blue blocks were my favorite because of the many different hues to choose from without getting too dark.  So the actual blue blocks had to be the full range of light to dark for a contrast.  Now the purples are nearly done and only the pinks remain.  I don't know where I can lay them out all at once though. 

I did order some backing fabric today from Missouri Star Quilts, Kona citrus, one of the cheeriest yellows.  I already have a lime green print Jellyroll for the binding.  But I have not made a bed size quilt for years and am not sure what to use for batting.  I do not plan on close quilting.  Any suggestions?


One more blue -- I found this rolling stacker in our basement garbage room yesterday.  By the way, the best thing about senior apts in WI is the underground parking!  This thing was filthy with gardening dirt, but I ran each basket through the dishwasher and it cleaned up well.  Now the WIPs, overflow solids and batiks all have a new home beside the rolled up fleece blankets waiting to be Project Linus quilts.

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Friday, June 12, 2015

RSC15 week 24

I am very happy with my June balloon blocks, not only mixing light blue and aqua, but also finding a couple of "cloud" prints to include.  Now those balloons are definitely flying high!

I also finished all the green and the aqua blocks for my Zigzag rainbow quilt and am now working on blues, from light all the way to dark, with some starry skies thrown in.

Speaking of blue, I have also been finding more resources for info on antique quilts, on blogs like Barbara Brackman's Civil War Quilts, and also on Pinterest.  I have pretty definitly dated my scrappy medallion quilt as 1840-1865.  What a thrill. Here is a closeup of some of the borders containing Prussian blue, typical of the period.

especially like the Prussian blue flower on white near the top center.  The quilt has been well used and laundered, but that is part of its charm for me.  I like it to give old quilts a good home.

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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

SWT, rainbow quilt

A rainbow zigzag quilt for my granddaughter's 14th birthday in July.  She is crazy about the Beattles and has painted her room like a rainbow.  This is just a sample of the blocks.  I have already completed  the colors through green, now working on aqua.  Doing a grandma quilt is such fun!

Friday, June 5, 2015

RSC15 week 23


The picture tells the truth. I have to confess that I have been giving in to Jellyroll sales for a couple of years now.  It started quite innocently with one Project Linus quilt and I was hooked.  Until now I have not really sorted out my stash.  I found enough strips for a dozen or more quilts, not to mention all my charm packs, layer cakes, fat quarters and saved and free fabric. 

I have two projects at present involving aqua, teal and blues, namely the June RSC15 blocks and the rainbow quilt.  Those colors alone make a pile about 10 inches tall, not to mention all the other colors and prints. Just trying to pick out the best strips for each project has taken so long, maybe because I just love looking at them.  But finally the three groups in front are the ones that have made the cut so far.  The middle row is for the Rainbow challenge.

That's enough hard work for now.  See you next week.

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