Thursday, June 8, 2017

Needle and Thread Thursday, 6/8


Ever since I saw this block posted by Julie in GA at I have  been obsessed with the way the Folded Box block has a 3-D effect if done in the right choice of fabrics.  I love working with color and this block is really fun to work with.  You can't tell if the 3-D effect works until you lay out the cut pieces.

There must be contrast with light, medium and dark pieces.  Some colors are a real challenge, such as red and also yellow, the color for June at Rainbow Scrap Challenge at .  Both of those colors have a very narrow range from light to dark.  Here is my yellow block for this month.  I make them at 12 inches finished.

I was not sure if I could do this without getting the dark pieces into brown. However, the paisley print I found mixes the two shades to appear as dark gold.  It is definitely not brown.  For the light pieces I chose the brightest light yellow I could find to stand out as the main color.  And the batik is just on the edge between yellow and orange.  

These Folded Box blocks are truly a WIP because I do one a month until I have a rainbow at the end of the year.  I use the pattern found in patchwork in the 12-inch category, but called Folded Corners.  It has a good GIF pattern.

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  1. You're right, that's a fantastic block! You did a great job getting the right contrast with the yellow fabrics; I know how hard it us to work effectively with yellows. This will be a beautiful rainbow quilt :)

  2. you have the balance spot on with these fabrics, I was surprised when I raided my scraps and how little I had in yellow and how little it varies.

  3. I agree with Louise and Margaret Paula, you have a great eye for contrast. The blocks are looking great.