Monday, February 6, 2017

MSQ Linky, February 2017

Thank you, Alyce, for giving us this chance to practice HST techniques.  I learned a great deal and feel more confident making them now.  Due to family circumstances I was unable to complete the entire set, but did complete twenty blocks.  Instead of a large quilt, I'm planning to use them for three or four smaller projects.

These are in better lighting and grouped by color.  



I'm already more confident and have jumped right into more HST projects.  Thanks again, Alyce.

Blossom Heart Quilts


  1. Great HST blocks, Paula.
    I understand about 'family circumstances.'
    Life happens.

  2. Your blocks look so good. like you I enjoyed this project and love the 8 HST method, not the 4 one though. Mine are still in a box wish I had pulled fabric for them so they were not scrappy have no excuse I worked out I had over 300 metres of fabric yesterday!

  3. I love the magic 8 way too. Well done on so many great blocks. They will make some good quilts.

  4. 20 is awesome! Well done! Thanks for sewing along :)