Friday, November 11, 2016

RSC16 week 46


When I laid out my 16-patch blocks last week, I had the idea of making a medallion quilt with a large star pieced block in the center.  This is what my friend and I were playing with, using the ten RSC16 monthly blocks plus two additional. 

At this point I had no special block for the center.  I decided to make a block from Mari at The Academic Quilter, which I showed in progress last week.  After finishing the patriotic 16 inch block I  laid it out all nicely pressed.  Later came DISASTER.  One set of star points was pointing inward instead of out.  I did not take a photo.  After much ripping and restitching  it looked like new. QUnfortunately it did not look good with the other blocks.

    My friend and I decided that I should make four more 16-patch blocks to fill in the center and then add black sashing.  Unfortunately again, I was out of 1-1/2-inch black strips.  So I worked on the extra blocks.  The blue one was resurrected from a reject.

This spring green with yellow was different from the other greens.

I love this yellow with purple accents.

I tried to spark them up by adding yellow, which unified the central ones.  Fifteen to this point with a quick pic late last night.  

This looked good, so today I finished the final block for the bottom row.

Looking at them side by side I am not sure about the black sashing.  Another friend is cutting some strips on her Accucut.  Then I will have something to compare before committing myself.  

At least I've made some progress, but that's all the quilting I've done this week.  Hope you have all had productive weeks or at least are happy with what you've been working on.  

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  1. Those 16 patches are bright and happy! I love the purple with yellow accents especially! It's too bad that your medallion didn't work out quite the way you wanted, but I think those blocks will be beautiful together no matter what you do!

  2. What a FUN quilt this is going to make!! Sorry that your Medallion Block didn't play nicely with the others.

  3. Great solution! These look great together and will make a lovely, happy quilt.

  4. it is so annoyng when a block is completed then you see one piece is wrong I have been there a few times! the block looks good as do all the other blocks but can see they do not work together with it, maybe you could make a pillow with the 16" blcok

  5. This is going to be such a bright and happy quilt. What a great block for those it's of fabric. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  6. It may be different to what you planned but it's turning out to be such a lovely bold and beautiful quilt. I'm sure your lovely star won't be wasted, and you can always design a quilt around it too.

  7. It's still turning out well despite the change in plans :)

  8. I like the way this is developing! Such bright, happy 9 patches! Too bad about the star block but you'll find a better place for it eventually.

  9. Isn't it amazing how a quilt can tell you what it needs. Great progress on finishing off this project. It's going to be bright and fun when it's all done.

  10. Sometimes the quilt tells us what it wants. I think you are moving it in a wonderful direction.