Wednesday, October 26, 2016

RSC16 week 44


Africa is always a hot place, so this portrays the end of a steamy jungle day.  The elephants are on their way to the watering hole for relief.  They love to swim or role in the mud.  Are you getting the picture?

This is my final RSC16 block for the year.  I was really stumped until I found the elephants.  But the sky pleces are my favorite part.  I already have a plan for my improv blocks as a modern quilt.


The Monona Quilters have a semiannual collection of quilts which are given to local charities in the Madison, WI area.  These were the 120 quilts collected from 40 of our members on Monday.  Added to the May collection, the yearly total was nearly 300 quilts.  They include neonatal flannels for the UW Madison Hospital, Project Linus quilts for sick or needy children, veteran quilts, halfway house bed quilts, lap quilts for nursing homes and other charities.  One member has made tactile quilts for the Wisconsin School for the Blind as well.  We are very proud of our generous members who donate their time and supplies for these many recipients.

Modern HST Sampler Third Quarter progress:  

Here are my third quarter blocks for Modern HST Sampler at Blossom Heart Quilts.  The total in December will be 24 and I hope to be very comfortable making HSTs by then, which has been the goal for this project.

Fall has a sense of winding down for me.  Of course, bears go into hibernation for the winter, but we quilters are just gearing up for big finishes, holiday projects and plenty of stitching time on all those WIPs which have been piling up. So have a fun productive week, everyone!

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  1. so mnan wonderul quilts going to homes that will so appreciate them. Loving your sunset elehants and the modern HST blocks look good was worried abut confetti as thought it looked complicated but mine went together okay

  2. What a lovely description of your elephant block, I totally get it Paula. Your modern blocks are looking great. I invested in a Blocloc ruler for HST, it was expensive but well worth it. I got the 6.5 inch size, so I can make blocks up to 6.5 inches, a 4.5 inch one would have been big enough (and cheaper) in retrospect as I don't usually make HST bigger than that.

  3. I like the story in your block, and the beautiful collection of fabrics.

  4. Your elephant block is cute! It's so great to see the generosity of quilters. Love it!! Your hst blocks are looking great!!

  5. I love your elephant block! Perfect to go with your fall-feeling fabrics! Those HST blocks look great. I've made a lot of HSTs this year, too, and they get so much better with experience, don't they?!

  6. Marvelous assortment of quilts for so very many good causes - KUDOS to all who helped out. Your Africa block is wonderful -- and so are your sampler blocks.

  7. Love those elephants! And the sampler blocks too. Congratulations on the success of the quilt drive!

  8. Very fun elephants with a gorgeous sunset! What a fun block. You hang out with some very generous quilters. Congrats on such a successful quilt drive.

  9. Elephants, donations, and samplers, oh my!! LOVE that Improv block!!

  10. Those elephants are adorable and yes your explanation paints a perfect picture.

  11. Love the elephant parade. What caring members of the group to donate such lovely quilts.