Friday, March 11, 2016

RSC16 week 11


Despite a week busy with constant distractions, I did get a few things done.  One was pulling fabrics and then more fabrics.  I'm starting to have piles of pulled fabrics cluttering my work space.  But they are all so special!  

We received another Modern HST Sampler pattern, the Mountain.  There was a special fat quarter I knew that I wanted to use.  After looking everywhere at least twice with no luck, it finally showed up in the very bottom of a box. Hallelujah!  

The special fabric is the middle one with twinkling stars and flowers, my touch of yellow.

My other touch of yellow was this pot of mini daffodils. My son Chris bought me a pot every year, so a friend got them for me in remembrance of Chris.

Update on my zipper pouch:  A good friend came by the other day and had a tough time hunting in her huge purse.  She loved the little pouch and I gave it to her.  She quickly filled it and went away happy and better organized.

Today I looked at the calendar and realized it is only two months until our quilt group charity collection and I have nothing to donate.  So more fabrics came out.  Fortunately I have a fleece blanket with dog motifs waiting to be used.  In my stash I also found doggie fabric on green, at least a yard.  A row quilt is so easy to make, so I laid out the idea below.

When I added the border of cars the name was obvious, Dog Park.  It won't be as long as the other ones I've made, probably more of a square.  No purple, but who knows what the color will be for May?

I link up with RSC16 at soscrappy and Sew Cute Tuesday at Blossom Heart Quilts. 


  1. Dog Park -- a perfect name for a super FUN quilt.

  2. Glad to hear that you were able to get some things done and the distractions. Hope the coming week is more calm. Happy quilting!!

  3. The mountain block is a pretty one! Good work on the donation quilt, too. I would love to be able to pull a quilt like that out of my stash!

  4. I love that HST mountain block. So clever and yet so simple. I wish my daffodils were blooming, but at least they’re thinking about it. Yours are picture perfect! Great “dog park” quilt; someone will be thrilled to receive that!

  5. Beautiful daffodils! I love nature. Your mountain block looks great. Cute dogs fabric You will make a pretty donation quilt, the recipient of it will smille.

  6. How thoughtful of your friend to carry on Chris' tradition. The daffodils are beautiful. Dog Park looks like a quilt any child would love to have.

  7. Fantastic name for this quilt, some little person is going to be very happy with this beauty!

  8. the middle fabric in the mountain caught my eye straight away but a beauty.
    How touching of your friend to buy the daffodils for you a lovely touch in memory of Chris.
    What fun the row quilt is such a good way to use the dog fabric will bare it in mind as I have a few kiddy fabrics that would work well this way

  9. What a purple mountain majesty!

    How nice of your friend to carry on a lovely tradition.

    Dog Park! Ha!

  10. DogPark, I love it! Perfect name for this quilt!

  11. That purple fabric that finally showed itself (boy can I relate) is just so perfect! Love the dog fabric runner amd great name too! The daffs are so gorgeous and what a thoughtful thing for your friend to do.