Friday, June 12, 2015

RSC15 week 24

I am very happy with my June balloon blocks, not only mixing light blue and aqua, but also finding a couple of "cloud" prints to include.  Now those balloons are definitely flying high!

I also finished all the green and the aqua blocks for my Zigzag rainbow quilt and am now working on blues, from light all the way to dark, with some starry skies thrown in.

Speaking of blue, I have also been finding more resources for info on antique quilts, on blogs like Barbara Brackman's Civil War Quilts, and also on Pinterest.  I have pretty definitly dated my scrappy medallion quilt as 1840-1865.  What a thrill. Here is a closeup of some of the borders containing Prussian blue, typical of the period.

especially like the Prussian blue flower on white near the top center.  The quilt has been well used and laundered, but that is part of its charm for me.  I like it to give old quilts a good home.

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  1. Your LIGHT BLUE Balloon blocks turned out nicely. Looking forward to seeing your progress on the Rainbow Zigzag quilt!

  2. Up, up and away. That balloon print works well with so many colours.

  3. What an awesome antique quilt you have. I missed the start of the story, so I do hope it is one passed down through the family.

  4. Light blue makes the perfect frame for your balloons. What a beautiful antique quilt. So great for finding inspiration.

  5. Very pretty blues, they really bring out the colors in the balloon fabric. How cool to own a quilt from the time period. I really like the reds in the left hand corner.

    1. I picked up this quilt used many years ago at a thrift shop. I knew it was old because I have a quilt with the red, orange and green, same age. It is turkey red, named for the country, not the bird. The green is yellow over-dyed with blue, and fades unevenly so both colors may show up.

  6. Cute little balloon blocks and I just love the antique quilt.

  7. Looking forward to seeing your colorful balloon blocks become a quilt.

  8. Oh my I am envious. What a wonderful quilt you have!