Saturday, May 9, 2015

RSC15 week 19

My green this week is the leaves on the beautiful lilies sent by my sisiter for my son Chris's memorial service last Sunday.

We also said goodby to Poppor this week, due to pain.  She is now with Chris in heaven.

I am rushing to finish my boy Project Linus quilt to turn it in on Monday.  Had hoped to get two done, but circumstances did not allow.  Next week I WILL have some green blocks to show.


  1. Oh, Paula, what a week! Do take care. Your GREEN scraps will be waiting when you are ready to sew.

  2. You have been on my mind, dear.

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  4. First comment deleted in error!!!
    Your flowers from your sister are beautiful and you have had an awfully difficult week with the memorial for your son and having to lose Poppor, you are in my thoughts Paula.

  5. you are in my thoughts and prayers. what a rough week to deal with all this. hugs