Friday, January 27, 2017

RSC17 week 4


My list of purple projects has grown a bit this week.  First, I have a heap of purple 4-patch blocks I'm not using.  So I thought about adding something to perk them up.  I call it Sparks.  It's just little flip triangles added here and there before piecing a larger block.

I like the way it turned out, but I'm not sure if I will continue it as a rainbow project.

Another Project Linus quilt I'm working on is Color Me, with a rainbow of crayons.  Here is my purple crayon strip without the tip.

These two Geese Migration and one Folded Box   complete my purple projects this month, the first time I've ever met the deadline.

Now  for the finish I promised last week.  Beth and Sarah came over to pick up Sarah's new quilt and take some good photos.  Her iPhone takes much sharper pics than my iPad.  My building hallway worked pretty well for the lighting.  I call it Color Charms.

The back was a real improv job because I enlarged the front.  So extra strips and charms had to make the back equal in size.  The top has an extra gray strip and the bottom has an added black strip.  At least we can tell up from down now.

Sarah was delighted with it and the timing was perfect.  The quilt blocks were laid out last summer by Sarah and her exchange student from France.  This week they found out that another girl from France will be arriving next week, so the quilt will be on their guest room bed for her three week visit.  

It's not exactly an RSC 16 finish, but it definitely has enough rainbow colors to qualify!

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Monday, January 23, 2017

Ad Hoc Improv Quilts, 1/23

PLAY OF LIGHT:  Three wall hangings done in 1990, based on a block from a photo in a Michael James book.  It was just a photo, but I liked the assymetry and feeling of motion.  I used many fabrics such as velvet, tie dye and ribbons.  I machine quilted all of them in the ditch due to the variety of fabrics.

FIRELIGHT:  I was inspired to make this first wall hanging to use a piece of tie dyed fabric in warm shades.  I made it back in the late 60's when the kids were little.  Two other friends would show up, all of us with toddlers, and turn the back yard into an art studio for tie dye, batik, silk screening or whatever.
    The warm colors in the piece developed into the idea of a campfire at night.  I learned so much about color, using purples, teal, but no black or dull tones for the darkness.

The piece I began with is the slanting one in the center, with pinks and yellows.  I added small bits of satin for the sheen, plaids and dark purple velvet.  It does convey the image of sparks flying up into the darkness.

MOONLIGHT:  How do you convey moonlight?  By its reflection on water, snow, etc.  This is how I interpreted a snow scene at night, with shiny and sparkling fabrics in contrast to the deep purples and blues.  I never used black or grey in these quilts.  Even shadows are seen as color. There is a small bit of white satin to represent the moon.

SUNLIGHT:  This was a challenge to convey sunlight streaming down through the forest.  I tested and eliminated any greyed colors, using only true hues. For the leaves I found an pieces from an old 1960's silk sheath dress for $1.  Again I used Thai silk, velvets and added yellow ribbons for the rays of the sun. Purple was used in the shadows because it is the complement of yellow.  

I learned a great deal about color by doing these wall hangings and they are one of my favorite series.   It helped me to have the block structure to work within so that nothing was random, but chosen for its particular shape and placement.  

I'm very happy to be linking up with Ad Hoc Improv Quilter at Fret Not Yourself.  Please check out the fascinating things shared there.

Friday, January 20, 2017

RSC17 week 3


This week I feel great because I actually finished Sarah's Color Charm quilt, the "elephant" I wrestled with.   It ended up being 54 X 66 inches.  This is only a sneak peak, but when Sarah receives it we will get some good photos.


For the new Rainbow Scrap Challenge I've gotten busy using my purple scraps.  Last week I finished two Geese Migration purple blocks.  Today I managed, with the usual ripping, to finish my purple Folded Box block for the month.  

However, it is actually my second one.  The first one I tried was found at which is a complete list of patterns, many given in various sizes.  I found the Folded Box 12-inch version with excellent PDF of directions for three sizes.

So I wil be one month ahead when pink comes along.

There is only one more Saturday this month.  It seems to have flown by so fast.  I can't wait to see all the fun scrappy projects you have made.  I get some of my best ideas from you folks.  So keep coming to Rainbow Scrap Challenge at soscrappy  and

Friday, January 13, 2017

RSC17 week 2


All of a sudden January has arrived and besides lots of snow and freezing, Angela has stated our Rainbow Scrap Challenge year off with purple.  I'm amazed at how much purple I have in my stash.  The color is confusing, sometimes bluish and others on the maroon side.  The patterns I've chosen allow me to mix and match.

My main rainbow project this year is Geese Migration by Cynthia at Quilting Is More Fun Than Housework .  It's 25 scrappy 10-inch blocks set on point, so there is plenty of room for a rainbow of colors.  I've started off with a lavender toned one and a darker purple.  It's just three columns of 2-1/2-inch squares paired with five flying geese.  She uses the flip triangle method for the geese,so easy.  

I'm very pleased with this start for 2017. 

I've also been working away on Sarah's Color Charms quilt, which got pinned this afternoon with the help of a friend.  We worked down in our club room with big tables for doing the job.  The only one who gets on the floor any more is Sarah.  I used Warm and White batting, bought off the 90-inch roll with my Hobby Lobby coupon.  
Here are two glimpses of the top.

Because I decided that the top was too small, I added three more rows across and two mor down the side.  Since the back was already in progress, I had to keep adding segments to make it match. 

I added the center strips and blocks, which made it work.  The Cotton and Steel fat quarters were purchased with a giveaway by Gotham from Alyce at Blossom Heart Quilts, and the cute village scene was a piece I had in my stash.
  I bought some rolls of black and gray Bella strips by Moda on sale at Green Fairy Quilts.  I find that I really prefer them to the Kona strips because they are cut with a tiny pinked edge, so no fraying. The fabric itself seems slightly weightier and folds press out very easily.  Just passing that info?

I was so anxious to get this project quilted,  with a friend's help we got it pinned quickly.  I decided to quilt it with grey thread, switched to my machine's walking foot and dove right in.  Just horizontal and vertical lines, very simple.  My arms began aching and i soon felt like I was wrestling with an elephant!  But with the help of muscle rub and ibuprofen I finished half of it in two days, incredible for me.  Two more days should finish it and I can get my 1/4-inch foot back in use again and take the quilt to show and tell at our guild.  Hooray! Back to the rainbow again.

I'm so anxious to see what each of you is going to be doing for RSC17.  It surely will be colorful and perhaps some new creatures will come on the scene.

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Thursday, January 12, 2017

"I Like" Thursdays, Jan. 12


Last night my granddaughter and SIL helped me take down my Chrstmas decorations.  When I got up this morning, well closer to noon, the place seemed so bare.  Then I received LeAnna's blog and thought, "What is left here for me to like?"   I glanced at the,window and I could not help but see the light shining through the turquoise vase I bought at a recent estate sale.  

It was sitting on the floor near the window, so I snapped a photo with my iPad.  What else is in the photo?  It has some amazing twists and turnings, obviously a support for something.

Now you can see the entire structure of beautiful turned spindles and curving legs.  Looks like there is a shelf above that.  What is on the shelf?

Two of my favorite pottery pieces.  The smaller one was stashed there just for convenience during the decorating.  It's mid century modern style, so simple but with that surprising tilt of the opening.  The larger one I bought to use as a salad bowl, but it is too heavy for me to lift easily, so I just put it where I can see and enjoy it.  I like the contrast between them.  

Let's back up now so you can see the entire picture.

This is one of my earliest antique acquisitions.  When my darling and I were engaged we bought a small house a few months before our wedding.  An old couple were moving into a retirement center.  When the wife took us to see the garage this table was sitting there in the dust.  I told her how much I like it.  She said that if we liked it we could have it for free.

This table dates from around the Civil War period.  The top has some water stains, and another, not water, added by one of Chris's cats.  But I love all the turnings, especially the little pendant ones hanging off the drawer edges. It has served us well for over 50 years, including my little Christmas tree.  I have to decide what to put there next.  

Isn't it interesting how much we can see to appreciate if we take the time to look in just one spot?
I hope you keep your eyes open to what is right around you this week, as I will try to do.

Check Leeanna's blog, Not Afraid Of Color  , for more lovely things folks share on "I Like"  Thursdays.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

RSC17 week 1


Angela asked us if we would show some of our rainbow quilts this week.  In 2015, the first year I took part in Rainbow Scrap Challenge, I completed the flimsy for a balloon block quilt.  The frames for each block were made in the color of the month.  I have not got the backing finished yet.  It's still a WIP.

My granddaughter's 14th birthday was that July and she loved the Beattles and rainbows. So I rushed to get a quilt done for the birthday.  This is a rainbow zigzag design, which used lots of my Jellyroll scraps.  It was basically a rail fence pattern, very easy.  The back is bright yellow, her favorite color.
Here she is showing it at our Monona Quilters meeting.


It went perfectly in her room with yellow walls and Beattles pillow.

This past year Angela gave us two colors to combine each month.  I chose to make the Twinkler star block in the combined colors.  It is still a flimsy, but I love it hanging on my bedroom wall.

Those are the three quilts which are strictly RSC rainbow quilts.  The rest of them are still in the WIPs stage or were mostly Project Linus quilts for charity.

This year I have a couple of rainbow plans in mind. I will have something to show next week in purple.  Hope you all have fun with Rainbow Scrap Challenge this year.

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