Wednesday, November 23, 2016

RSC16 week 48


For the Modern HST Sampler third quarter Linky party I entered my photo of my finished blocks and was thrilled to win a random prize.  It was a $25 voucher from Gotham Quilts.  Last week I received my chosen gift of fat quarters, XOXO by Cotton and Steel.  These are lovely modern fabrics.

Last week I posted a photo of the very colorful charm block flimsy I just finished.  I had no plans for a backing until the XOXO fabric arrived.  Four of them were perfect for this quilt back.  I added a playful street scene, a half-yard piece from my stash.  Here was the perfect combination for this super bright top and backing.

My friend Laura, who is not really a quilter, is developing a good eye for color as we work together to take photos of my WIPs.  She has much steadier hands.  Here's what we laid out last night down in our club room, my last minute change of mind.

The addition of the sashing and border will give a few extra inches on each side to make sure the sandwich will work.  So the entire backing was FREE and came just in time.  Thank you, Alyce, from 
Modern HST Sampler at  Blossom Heart Quilts


I went to Hobby Lobby this week for Warm and White batting, 40% off with coupon.  I also found the cutest cat fabric I've ever seen, also on sale.  I snapped up two yards, no project in mind, just to love for a while.  Bad photo, this is black on pure white.

  It was only about 4.50 a yard, so if you fall in instant love with these sweet faces, check at HL.  Coincidentally, I saw that Diann of Liitle Penguin had used the same fabric in one of her cross blocks. 

I had decided to do a row quilt with my little sailboats, so I was looking online for some fish fabric for them to sail on.  Did not like any, but HL had this really cute bolt, also on sale.  It's perfect!

I might end up making more boats going the other way variety in the rows.  It should not take long.  So I am pleased that I've got plans for most of my RSC16 blocks and I'm working on other things as well.  Good thing to do in the short winter days. 

I hope everyone has a happy weekend doing what we all like best, fabric shopping.

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Friday, November 18, 2016

RSC 16 week 47


This has been a week of unusual events and some nice surprises.  First of all, I linked up with A Trunkful of Quilts at WHIMS AND FANCIES and have met some talented quilters showing off their favorite pieces in this online trunk show.  You can still link up for yourself.

Second, my sewing machine has been in need of an overhaul for far longer than I will admit.  With the BOMs done for now this is a good time to be without it.  I've made arrangements for the servicing and have been pushing to get some flimsies done before then.

Today I finally finished a WIP waiting since July.  My granddaughter and her visiting French friend came by to visit then, and I handed them two charm packs plus extras so they could lay them out on the floor.  They had fun and it looked good.  We put the blocks in order and I tucked them away.  Of course, other projects got in the way.  So here is the top, finished and photographed a few hours ago. No plans for this yet.

  I showed the top to a quilting friend.  She had good news also.  She had been given a free machine in a cabinet.  It is a 1961 Kenmore.  She offered to lend it to me when I need it.  It will be a blast from the past, because my first machine was a 1964 Kenmore bought the year I got married.  In fact, I secretly made my husband pajamas for our first Christmas because he had none.  He wore them once, then informed me that he always slept in his underwear.  The new bride had a lot to learn! 

Last week I asked my quilting friends to help me choose from two setting for my 16-patch quilt.

With black sashing and black border:  


No sashing, but a bright yellow border:  

We decided on the second, which is more childlike rather than the black, which is lovely but more like stained glass.  Maybe the next one will be stained glass, an effect I just love.

In short, this week I finished a colorful flimsie, choose the direction for my 16-patch and also God provided me with a spare machine just when I need it.  A very good week!

I wish you all in the USA a  very blessed Thanksgiving Day, and blessings on all my other dear friends.

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Friday, November 11, 2016

RSC16 week 46


When I laid out my 16-patch blocks last week, I had the idea of making a medallion quilt with a large star pieced block in the center.  This is what my friend and I were playing with, using the ten RSC16 monthly blocks plus two additional. 

At this point I had no special block for the center.  I decided to make a block from Mari at The Academic Quilter, which I showed in progress last week.  After finishing the patriotic 16 inch block I  laid it out all nicely pressed.  Later came DISASTER.  One set of star points was pointing inward instead of out.  I did not take a photo.  After much ripping and restitching  it looked like new. QUnfortunately it did not look good with the other blocks.

    My friend and I decided that I should make four more 16-patch blocks to fill in the center and then add black sashing.  Unfortunately again, I was out of 1-1/2-inch black strips.  So I worked on the extra blocks.  The blue one was resurrected from a reject.

This spring green with yellow was different from the other greens.

I love this yellow with purple accents.

I tried to spark them up by adding yellow, which unified the central ones.  Fifteen to this point with a quick pic late last night.  

This looked good, so today I finished the final block for the bottom row.

Looking at them side by side I am not sure about the black sashing.  Another friend is cutting some strips on her Accucut.  Then I will have something to compare before committing myself.  

At least I've made some progress, but that's all the quilting I've done this week.  Hope you have all had productive weeks or at least are happy with what you've been working on.  

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Friday, November 4, 2016

RSC16 week 45


Our autumn weather here in WI has been Indian Summer weather.  As the trees change color and the leaves fall, I have noticed something.  The last leaves hanging on the trees seem more colorful than any before.  I stared for minutes at an orange-yellow mix on a maple.  The color was so intense it soaked into my spirit.  The only thing approaching it in my small world is batik fabric with light shining through. But "Only God can make a tree."  

I needed an extra 16-patch block to make my idea of a medallion quilt using my RSC collection.  So I mixed the brightest orange in my stash with turquoise, a very happy combination.

That is my farewell to orange for this year, which has been a very good one for my quilting endeavors.


I asked advice from Mari at the Academic Quilter for the center block, because she has done wonderful large blocks with excellent tutorials.  I wanted a 16-inch block in a star pattern.  Mari kindly found a lovely pattern, which she enlarged to 16 inches for me and included complete directions.  Thanks so much, Mari.  P.S.  Thanks also, Mari, for previewing this photo and pointing out that the top left 4-patch is turned in the wrong direction.  At least no ripping will happen tomorrow if I'm careful.

The pattern she sent me used red and blue.  I made the backing pure white for a patriotic star and easily got it to this design floor stage, using Magic 8 HSTs, squares and rectangles.  Most pieces came from my jelly roll strips.  

Now is the hard part, deciding how to enlarge it and include the twelve blocks in RSC colors.  This is my first medallion quilt, so anything goes at this point, trial and error.  That is the frustrating but fun part, designing within the limits of the sizes and colors.  Stay tuned.


This sweet little Sunbonner Sue is definitely a minimalist version, 4-1/2 by 6 inches.

The quilt is done in that odd 1930's green, with the dress printed with daisies.  Both fabrics have faded.  The simple quilted squares are stitched in matching green thread, which has remained darker on the back.  
The binding is machine stitched onto the front and hand stitched on the back.  This tiny treasure is in great condition.

With the beginning of November we start to feel the pressure of holidays coming up and so much to do.  I hope we can all make good choices this year to prevent getting stressed out or sick.  I must remember that friends and family are most important and they deserve my love and attention.  One gift more or less does not matter as much as the hugs and warm smiles.  

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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Brave Quilter, October 2016


I started this twinkler block for Rainbow Scrap Challenge last January.  It definitely was a challenge for me.  The 60-degree triangles were new to me and every month but one involved ripping and redoing.
The small quilt that has given me the most headaches and frustration this year is finally a completed flimsy.  I am going to hang it on my wall and enjoy it as is.  After all, the goal of making it was to enjoy it, and I LOVE it.  

The border fabric was just there waiting for me, a half yard of sparkling night stars.  It was down in the bottom of a drawer and almost got overlooked.  Thank the Lord, He provided the exact amount I needed for this 4-inch wide border.  This width really balances the rest of the piece, any narrower would have been less effective.

The total size will be about 36" finished.  I'm not even thinking about backing and binding yet.  I am enjoying it daily on my bedroom wall. 
It definitely qualifies for the Brave Quilter this month and I'm very thankful to Julie at   for running the Brave Quilter, which has inspired me to tackle new or difficult projects.

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